Buy Netac N500S 960GB SSD And N500S 480GB SATA3 SSD For Heavily Discounted Prices On GeekBuying [Coupon]

GeekBuying is giving its loyal fanbase an unmissable chance to get their hands on two well-received variants of the Netac N500S SSD without emptying their pockets.
Looks like those searching for cost-effective SSD (solid state drives) without compromising on quality are in for a treat. Netac has teamed-up with GeekBuying, making the N500S 960GB and the N500S 480GB SSDs available to the Chinese online store’s loyal users at reduced prices.

Moreover, we’ll show how you can save a considerable amount of extra money without breaking a sweat at checkout. Let’s delve straight into the details.

Netac is a reliable brand when it comes to solid-state drives designed for professional use. It adopts wear leveling algorithm that considerably extends the life circle of the SSD, Aside from that, it features NANDXtend error correction feature that enhances the data read and write performance.

The Netac N500S 960GB SSD would normally set you back $159.99, but you can now buy it for only $109.99. Moreover, you can extend this 31 percent discount by applying coupon code GIZ_AYRAODVB during the checkout process.
The aforesaid coupon helps you save an extra $27 by reducing the already lowered selling price of the N500S 960GB SSD to just $99.99 before you place your order. You can visit this link to grab the discount, which will be valid for the blue color version of the device for three days.



Capable of offering strong compatibility and delivering fast transfer rate of SATA III 6Gb/s, the Netac N500S 480GB SATA3 SSD usually retails for $119.99, but it has now gone up for sale bearing a reduced price of just $64.99 on GeekBuying.

This is a noteworthy 46 percent drop in the device’s original asking price. An absolute bargain at this price, the N500S 480GB SATA3 SSD comes with a built-in 32MB cache that enables it to run smoothly. It supports support SATA2/1 down, 500MB / s read speed and 380MB/s write speed for faster data processing.
You can visit this link in order to take advantage of the discount. It is worth noting that the promo is slated to end in just three days.


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