GeekBuying Launches Its March Mega Sale With Top Deals, Big Discounts

GeekBuying has launched its ‘March Mega Sale’ that comprises a $50 off coupon, a slew of unmissable deals, great discounts and lots more!

In order to simplify and expedite the search process, the Chinese online store has split the promotion page into multiple categories. Each category is crammed with a wide selection of items that you can buy at lowered prices for a limited period of time.

Aside from doling out noteworthy discounts, GeekBuying is giving its loyal users a chance to save a considerable amount of extra money in the form of coupon codes. For instance, those who spend over $800 can apply $50 off coupon GKBMEGA3, while those spending $80 or more can use a $5 coupon GKBMEGA2.

Likewise, GeekBuying users whose cart value is $20 or more can apply sitewide $2 off coupon GKBMEGA1 at checkout. It is worth noting that the aforesaid coupons will only be valid until April 1st (GMT+8). The $50 off coupon will be valid for the first 100 pieces only.

The products that you can buy at lowered prices have been added to multiple categories that include Top Deals, Trending Now, Hot Electronics, Phones & Tablets etc. You can check out the ‘March Mega Sale Shopping Guide’ in order to ensure you avail the full advantage of this recently kicked-off promotion.

While the promotion page is brimming with all sorts of items, we’ll check out the discount available on the FreeAurora T18 electric moped bicycle which has been placed under the ‘You May Also Like’ section.

The FreeAurora T18 ZiYouJiGuang would normally set you back a pretty penny, but you can now buy it for just $439.99 on GeekBuying. This is a significant reduction in the e-bike’s original asking price of $799.99.

You can follow this link to avail the discount, which will be valid for the black color version. Note that the promo is slated to end in just three days.



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