Google launching Pixel 3 Lite, Pixel Watch and speakers in 2019

Google has loaded a lot of new things for launch in 2019. According to various rumours and reports, Google is launching multiple new smartphones, watches, and accessories in 2019. Amid of Apple’s low sales, Google sees an opportunity to bring the ecosystem with some new advancements. They are bragging the new opportunity as a launching pad for several new devices.

Google Pixel 3 Lite and Pixel 3 XL Lite

As per old reports, Google is now going to expand its hands in the hardware market with the launch of the new smartwatch, speakers, smartphones, etc. After playing with the premium smartphones for several years, now the Search giant is making a move with newer products in the market. Google is going to launch the cheaper Google Pixel 3 Lite for the price-sensitive customers. Although there are no confirmations from Google side, but multiple leaks and reports speculate its launch soon. Even the pricing details are unknown, but it will surely be less than the iPhone XR. Apple iPhone XR is the cheapest offering from Apple at $749.

The new Pixel 3 Lite and Pixel 3 XL Lite is rumoured to be launching on the Verizon network in the United States this spring. The Pixel 3 Lite expected to carry a 4GB RAM, 32 GB Storage and a Snapdragon 670. It is rumoured to host a 5.6 inch IPS Full HD+ display.

There will be many other budget offerings that will launch this year. Google has plans to announce some other smart products. The list includes Google Pixel watch at the top spot. It will be the company’s first wearable device which has already been delayed due to some reasons last year. Google doesn’t want to wait for more time to launch its wearable device in the market.

Further, the Search giant is also coming up with new smart speakers. Moreover, it’s unconfirmed whether it will come with a wholly new smart speaker or will be an updated version of the old Home products. There are also chances for a security camera to pop up this year.

It’s a tough time for Apple as the company is struggling to improve the sales of the iPhone this fiscal year. There are many reasons which are prompting such a decline in sales. On the other hand, Google is working on to expand its production across Asia. The company has hired many ex-Apple employees to boost their products portfolio.


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