PIQO is the world’s most powerful 1080p Pocket Projector and blows past $1M on Indiegogo!

Indiegogo and other crowdfunding platforms have helped startups and other companies to bring great products to the market that wouldn’t have made it otherwise. One of these products is PIQO that claims to be the world’s most powerful pocket projector. Measuring just 2″ tall and wide, this tiny cube is able to project any media at up to 240″ in 1080p resolution. With Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, you can use your smartphone, computer, game console, etc to connect and project.

PIQO Projector

So, what’s so cool about it? Besides its small size, it comes with Android meaning that you can download apps and use it as a TV Box. Imagine watching Netflix on a 240″ display; cool, isn’t it? In addition, it comes with a battery that promises hours of video and up to 50 hours of audio playback on a single charge. There’s also a HiFi speaker designed by renowned sound engineers.

PIQO Projector

Other groundbreaking aspects of the PIQO projector include:

Fast battery charge: Just a 15-minute charge provides enough power for one hour of video playback
Keystone angle correction: Users on the go will love this feature that automatically adjusts the projection angle using advanced internal gravity sensors. This means PIQO can be placed on uneven surfaces without distorting the picture or affecting image quality
Universal compatibility: PIQO supports all devices and operating systems.

The team behind PIQO chose to go the crowdfunding way instead of traditional means of funding and that proved to be the right decision as their campaign on Indiegogo breached 10,000% of its funding goal and is still going strong with only a few days left in the campaign. Blowing past $1M it is heading towards $2M of funding. Their initial goal was $10,000, a bit modest target. Over 3,000 backers have already supported the campaign and early-bird special pricing is still available for a few more days on Indiegogo for those who want to take advantage of the 50% discount. With still 36 hours to go, you can get it for just $369.

PIQO Projector

For more information about the PIQO Projector (and an opportunity to take advantage of the few remaining days of early-bird pricing), you can visit their official website. To go straight to the Indiegogo campaign, visit this link.

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